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Whistling on your way to work with a spring in your step, radiating energy and joy, ready to hand in your best performance with a huge smile on your face

That warm inner glow you feel is affecting the people around you.

That icy grip of anxiety .... gone, that uncomfortable flutter in your stomach ... gone, those intrusive, worrisome thoughts that kept you awake at night ... gone.

There you are! happy and in control of all your emotions, enjoying a calm, strong body and a crystal clear mind.

No more headaches, no more tossing and turning! no more mental fatigue, no more tension, no more angry outburst,

You take such delight in your work and yet you look forward with great anticipation to getting home to celebrate life with your family and friends

Thanks to the Calm Academy, you have uncovered a fountain of tranquility and calm

Your sleepless nights have given way to peaceful dreams, your constant fear to unshakable self-confidence. Your painful frown has turned into a perpetual smile

You now stand tall, stronger and happier than you ever thought possible.

In The Calm Academy, we combine the latest findings in neuroscience with decades of medical practice and individualized coaching to enable you to triumph over stress and become the best version of yourself.

With over 35 years of practice, Dr. Ken Nedd, an empathetic physician, who has written several books, will help you ditch the stress and embrace the joy of calm, serene, and impactful living.

You're not just another name to us; you bring to us a special opportunity to help you achieve, sustain and spread happiness in the world

and we're here to walk with you every step of the way with big love

Become that new you—the one whistling on their way to work, brimming with calm energy, dancing inside with newfound serenity and purpose

At Calm Academy, we can help you say, "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Tranquility!"

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Here's how your 6 weeks in the Academy will work:

Before the program begins you will have the opportunity to get a private stress audit, an anxiety analysis and a simple nutritional and exercise assessment so you will know your current neuro physiological state if you so desire.

You will become more aware of how stressed and anxious you are before the training begins, so that after the 6 weeks of training in the Academy, you can see how much you have improved.

  • Every day for 6 weeks: You will get a one-minute video with a special practical skill designed to help you become calmer, happier, healthier and more productive every day.

  • Every week: You will attend via Zoom, a live group counselling class where I will train you with the best tools available, in the privacy of your own home or office. Schedule to be determined.

  • During the 6 weeks you will have access to The CalmAcademy website: You will have unlimited access to audio training programs, short powerful blogs and other videos that you can use at will to enhance your transformation. The Calm Academy is not about knowledge, but about change. Significant, noticeable change in your habits, your health, your level of happiness, and your ability to master emotions.

  • During the 6 weeks you will be able to post any questions you may have anonymously in a private section on the website, which will be answered during the 6 sessions in the Calm Academy.

As Seen In:

Are you feeling tired, burnt out and unhappy?

Do you long for relief from fear, loneliness, tension, emotional pain or uncertainty?

Do you feel you should be doing more with your life?

The Calm Academy was created to help you.

You are guided by world-class medical doctors at the Calm Academy

Our team consists of an education specialist, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a cardiologist and many other doctors all devoted to helping YOU live a longer, healthier, richer and happier life.

The Calm Academy Will give you Simple, practical scientific training to dispel worry, insomnia, low energy, and feelings of depression, and panic, in just 6 weeks.

In the Calm Academy you will get new skills to build physiological resilience and reduce or repel the major common diseases that threaten to shorten our lives. 


You will learn how to abort a stress reaction in 11 seconds. YOU will learn how to live with a sea of calm bubbling within you even if there is chaos all around


You will install habits that will bolster your immune system, reduce heart disease, strengthen your mental health and stop stress from silently raising your cortisol and insulin. 


You will learn to use your brain in new ways to change the chemistry of the body and induce a calm mind full of energy, more resistant to the ever advancing signs of dementia, insulin resistance and ASCVD.


The techniques are taught in such a way that they will become automatic.

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Dr. Nedd has changed my life!

His programs are amazing

I like the fact that he is a Practicing Medical Doctor

His program is life-changing

Hi, I'm Ken Nedd, M.D.

A Medical Doctor focusing on Anxiety and Stress for over 35 years, Bestselling author and mentor to CEOs, Prime Ministers & people just like you.

In the Calm Academy you will have access to ideas and techniques presented by Dr Ken Nedd from a team of world-class experts to ensure that you get the best scientific skills to help you live your best life.

Let me show you how to master stress and anxiety and take your life to a whole new level.


Get practical scientific training to help you dispel worry, insomnia, stress, low energy, and feelings of depression, uncertainty and panic in just 6 weeks.

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